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The Franchise Finance Market

How the Franchise Finance Market works


We ARE NOT ‘the lender’, though we already supply Australia’s best Service Franchise finance solution and are designing products to cover every franchise finance need.

We ARE NOT ‘finance brokers’, though we operate Australia’s only Advising Financier network with national coverage and exclusively for franchise finance.

We ARE the Franchise Finance Market and our sole purpose is to optimise the franchise finance solutions available to Market participants.



Franchise Finance Market: What Is Our Bigger Picture Mission

To optimise finance outcomes for Market participants.

That means finding the optimal outcome for all stakeholders, not just the best outcome for a lender, or a franchise, or a franchisee, but the optimal outcome for them together.

Franchise Finance Market: Its All About Our Beliefs

FFM believes the biggest problem for the financing the franchise sector is the over-abundance of adversarial thinking between the stakeholders. Lenders want what is best for them, being in a position of strength they take, take, take. And so it goes.

Optimisation is not having the stakeholders sit in a circle hold hands and sing kum ba yah. It is working out what give and take compromise between the stakeholders will result in the optimal outcome for all of those stakeholders.

Adversarial relationships is short-termism.

Optimised outcomes; are harder to achieve, require a higher level of commitment, but are long-termism.

Franchise Finance Market: These are our Principles of Operation

  1. Do everything within our capability to secure full franchisee funding solutions
  2. Seek every product or service available to secure franchisee finance, regardless of supplier.
  3. Work to create those products and services not currently available.
  4. Work to replace any joint-label product partner that stops lending; as quickly and seamlessly as possible and with minimum disruption to clients.
  5. Recommend any product that beats our joint-label products and services.
  6. Work to make franchisee finance faster, easier, smoother and more transparent, regardless of product provider.
  7. Listen to our customers and continuously improve our offering.
  8. Keep thinking innovatively.
  9. Apply a single flat fee to deliver the Finance Access Commitment, regardless how many of our products and services it takes.
  10. Keep Open and Honest lines of communication.

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