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The Franchise Finance Market is simple to use. Try it here.We invite all franchisors, franchisees, lenders and commercial finance brokers (i.e. potential market participants) to test the Franchise Finance Market.View the Market or the Franchisor Board. Alternatively log into a user panel and play. To do so use the test login we have provided you.

Access attractive funding opportunities The Franchise Finance Market enables lenders and finance brokers to more easily access franchise lending opportunities. Provide the full suite of finance to highly-qualified entrepreneurial franchisees of successful franchise brands. Reduce risk with known brands and proven business models Our marketplace features opportunities in high-quality franchise brands with established track records and low historical loss rates. Franchise businesses benefit from a number of factors as compared to other small businesses including proven business models, brand recognition, vetted management and locations, and franchisor support. Spur economic activity and job growth The franchise industry is a major driver of economic activity in Australia, employing in excess of 340,000 working Australians. Financing franchise businesses through our marketplace provides a source of capital to franchise entrepreneurs and helps create new growth and jobs in local communities. First dedicated Commercial Finance referrer The Franchise Finance Market is also the first online finance marketplace dedicated to making referrals to commercial finance brokers, and this is the opportunity for forward thinking brokers and lenders to be ahead of the pack.

Easier Sector Penetration If you are a Lender and seek to share in the benefits of franchise sector lending, but don't have franchisor access, don't have the internal resources and skills to know how to optimise your franchise sector lending risks and don't have the distribution to effectively enter and capture your share of the market, then the Franchise Finance Market will solve all of those issues for and with you. When you think about the cost and risk of trying to establish your own franchise lending unit you are probably reminded why it is you have not done so before. Registering with the Franchise Finance Market will give you a unique level of exposure to franchisors, franchisees and commercial finance brokers, all looking for the financial products you have and want to supply. Furthermore, the Franchise Finance Market wants to work with all market groups to achieve our stated Purposes, as a repository of sector finance data and to use that data to assist in improving those finance outcomes. Giving you the best opportunity to work with us and shape how we gather and use that data to improve those finance outcomes.


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