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As we gather more market data, and data specific to each franchise system, we will be able to supply Product Comparisons, giving franchisors and franchisees the details for finance of the current type for this franchise system. Advising Financiers also have access to the Product Comparison but with lender details.

Franchise System: Sample One
Finance Purpose: Buy new franchise
Amount: $400,000

Over the last 20 loans of this type for the Sample One franchise system the best terms were as follows:

Lender: * * *
Product Name: * * *
Average Term: 60 months 48 months 48 months
Interest: Base +2.00% Base +2.50% Base +3.1%
Note: This lender is still accepting applications. No longer accepting applications Has not advised current acceptance stance.

* See your Advising Financier for more details.

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