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To deliver on our Principles of Operations we are continuously developing and improving our FFM platform. We break the FFM platform into 4 modules:

Franchise Assessment Module

Loan Referral Module

Lender Accreditation Module

Loan Application Module


This is the module all franchises participating on the Market must first go through.

All franchises wishing to utilise the Franchise Finance Market must be assessed as a category C or higher franchise system. Market participants much then be reassessed bi-annually.

Categorisation is not merely a determination as to the franchises financial success, but also as to its intent, willingness and capability to reasonably support a distressed franchisee.

Assessment is complex, however, to assist any franchise may self-assess their likely categorisation at no cost.


Our Lender Accreditation Module is applied to all Market participant franchises, regardless whether they are assigned to a suitable FFM Finance Product or not.

The process takes the Franchise Assessment data already held, applies it to our constantly expanding and improving Franchise Lender database to determine which other lenders are suitable for other direct lender accreditation.

A lender accreditation strategy is drafted, then with franchise approval is implemented.

Furthermore, we monitor and provide ongoing management of the lender accreditation strategy.


Franchise Assessment satisfactorily completed, Lender Accreditation strategy is underway or completed now you need the proverbial ‘pedal to hit the metal’ by getting franchisees financed quickly and efficiently.

FFM’s LRM combines our online loan referral management software with Australia’s exclusive network of franchise finance Advising Financiers.

Data from both the franchise assessment and the lender accreditation database go into the algorithm informing our LRM which lender and finance product is the best solution for your franchisees.

Then, depending on the algorithms determination as to the highest success outcome, LRM directs your support staff or franchisee through the process.


FFM is developing the franchise Loan Application Module for use in conjunction with the LRM. The goal of the LAM is that universally accepted franchise finance loan applications (base on the five finance types) can be provided to any lender.

In this way the franchise, its support staff and its franchisees will only need to make a single application. Even more exciting is the capability to just revise and update details for future finance applications.

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