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Provide funding to leading franchise brands

There’s now an efficient way for you to find and provide loans to leading franchise brands that you know and trust.



The Franchise Finance Market is not intended to be a competitor to any one lender over another.

As per our Mission we seek optimised outcomes for our combined Market participants, including lenders.

FFM is seeking to develop the five optimised finance structures that will incorporate all of the financing needs of the franchise sector.

We seek to develop them in conjunction with our franchise and lender Market participants.

Any finance product we do develop will be delivered in joint-label with lenders.  Those arrangements are non-exclusive so that lenders will have the capability to enter or withdraw from that lending space with minimal cost to the lender and without the ongoing franchise sector relationship harm normally caused when forced to withdraw from a direct lending relationship.

Focus On Your Lending Portfolio

Over time, as the number of finance solutions increase and the number of franchisor Market participants increase, so too will lending volume.

As soon as practicable FFM will develop funding pools, exiting or new, which a lender can participate in depending on the diversification needs of that lender's total finance pool.

Reduce risk with known brands and proven business models

The Market features opportunities in high-quality franchise brands with established track records and low historical loss rates. Franchise businesses benefit from a number of factors as compared to other small businesses including proven business models, brand recognition, vetted management and locations, and franchisor support.

Easier Sector Penetration

If you are a Lender and seek to share in the benefits of franchise sector lending, but don't have franchisor access, don't have the internal resources and skills to know how to optimise your franchise sector lending risks and don't have the distribution to effectively enter and capture your share of the market, then supporting an FFM Finance Product as a joint-label lender will solve all of those issues for and with you.

When a new lender thinks about the cost and risk of trying to establish its own franchise lending unit they are reminded why it is they have not done so before.

Registering with the Franchise Finance Market will lenders a unique level of exposure to franchisors and franchisees and unlike any normal direct lending scenario (adversarial) the Market's unique optimisation requirements mean interest are far more aligned than is traditionally the case.

Lender Registration Table

Registration & Annual Renewal Fee

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Get Registered and Start !


Promote your support of the sector
Lenders and Finance Brokers registered with the Market are encouraged to display the FFM Regd logo on their website and marketing material.

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