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Investor Membership
Membership is not automatic as we seek to keep the Market to its intended purpose and participants. Much of the details provided can be commercially sensitive and therefore we seek only genuine investor members.
Once you become an Investor Member you will be notified of all investment opportunities listed on the Noticeboard that match your stated interest areas.

Investor Membership
Registration & Renewal Fee $50
Successful Referral Fee $100
Referral by Interest Areas Y
Monthly priority access 5
Obligation to notify outcomes Y

Join our growing investor network and get notified of new investment opportunities.

Terms & Conditions

By registering on the Franchise Funding Market (the “Market”) you acknowledge and agree to the following:
* I acknowledge that I am required to be at least 18 years of age to use this service.
* I acknowledge that the Franchise Funding Market provides a Noticeboard facility only, as such it does not make any recommendations or provide financial advice of either a general of personal kind.
* I acknowledge that Franchisors, Franchisees and their Opportunities are not required to be assessed or rated in order to be registered with the Franchise Funding Market or for an Opportunity to be listed on the Noticeboard or details of that Opportunity to be provided to potential Investors & Lenders.
* I acknowledge that where an assessment and/or rating of either a Franchisee, Franchisor or Opportunity has been performed and a rating allocated that assessment and rating is a mechanism for feedback to the Franchisee or Franchisor and should not be relied upon by an Investor or Lender in making a funding or investment decision.
* I acknowledge that I have the competency, skills and experience to undertake my own assessment of each Opportunity and that the Franchise Funding Market has recommended I do so and/or seek independent advice prior to making a funding or investment decision concerning a listed Opportunity.
* I acknowledge that the Franchise Funding Market and its operator, Elcano, do not warrant the representations of any registered franchisee or franchisor using the Noticeboard.
* The Rules & Terms of the Market.

I Acknowledge the Terms & Conditions


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