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Franchise Funding: Benefits & Commitments Survey

Our Service Franchise Facility has proved it is possible to develop many new financing innovations to benefit your franchise and your franchisees.  But, those innovations all come at a significant development cost.  As such we, our investors, and the lenders supporting us, need to know which benefits franchises need and if they will commit to supporting those structures.

Thank you for answering this quick survey to assist us so that we can assist you.  We look forward to working with you and your franchise.

Franchise System

Franchise System Name:
Franchise type:
Establishment Cost:

Contact Details
First Name:
Last Name:

Benefits: Which of these benefits does your franchise seek?

1. Pre-approved finance terms and conditions for all your franchisees? YesNo
2. Long-term (multi-year) funding solution, structure, processes, policies, delivered regardless of underlying lender/s? YesNo
3. Untapped long-term funding potential through a single channel? YesNo
4. Higher lending ratios to cover more of the cost? YesNo
5. Include soft-dollar costs (franchise fees) in the funding? YesNo
6. Restrict the security to that in the business (i.e. leave franchisee homes alone)? YesNo
7. A structure that improves the palatability of franchising to franchisee candidates, the media, public and politicians? YesNo
8. A growing franchisee asset which continuously improves franchise network funding access and terms? YesNo
9. Fast, simple, online finance approvals with franchise specific terms and conditions? YesNo
10. Pre-approvals in 5 minutes, performed by your own support team? YesNo
11. Greater funding transparency for your support team through online finance monitoring and reporting?
12. What other benefits does your franchise seek?

Commitments: Which of these would your franchise commit to?
1. Will your franchise provide high quality franchisee support and monitoring? YesNo
2. Will your franchise provide reasonable support to a struggling franchisee? YesNo
3. Is your franchise willing to be assessed to ensure it maintains its support and monitoring standards?
4. What would your franchise pay to establish an arrangement with the benefits you have selected above?
5. May we include the name of your franchise in a business case to lenders and investors?
6. What annual fee would your franchise expect to maintain such a facility?
7. Should we contact you with details once a suitable product is available? YesNo

Privacy & Consent
All of the information provided above shall be held as confidential.
Any use of the information provided shall be in a form that will not directly identify the franchise system, unless you have indicated a willingness to do so and your position within your business may authorise such.

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