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Welcome to a fresh new approach to franchise finance.


Connect your franchisees with more and better sources of finance

The Franchise Finance Market helps accelerate the growth of your brand with faster and more efficient access to finance for both existing franchisees and new operators. Our Market connects high-quality brands, such as yours, with existing and new sources of finance.


Improving Finance Outcomese

With your support we will be delivering more financiers and lenders, creating more competition and resulting in more flexible and forward-thinking finance solutions for your business, franchisees and sector.

Why Us

BIG-TICK Increase your franchisee support, at no extra expense to the business BIG-TICK Available to your current and potential franchisees
BIG-TICK Loans from $10k no upper limit BIG-TICK Increase finance success rates, so you can keep expanding your business.
BIG-TICK Save your franchisees time and money, so they can keep focusing on their business


Franchisors Membership

Registration & Annual Renewal Fee

$5,000 (ex GST)

Opportunity Listing Fee


Required Franchisor assessment


Required opportunity assessment


Get Registered and Start !


Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few excellent reasons why:
1. Our Advising Financiers will be paid commissions by any lender their client uses. This means the lenders are paying for them to be part of the transaction, but the Advisers are independent of those lenders. Because they represent you or your franchisee, and they want your network's repeat business, they are gong to give the best, unbiased and impartial advice professionally possible. How many bank employees are likely to be unbiased or impartial.
2. A bank employee is paid to assess your application whether you get financed or not, not to assist you to compile the application correctly. Your Advising Financier gets paid when you get the finance, it is in their self-interest to assist you to compile the best finance application and get the finance as quickly as possible.
3. Market registered Advising Financiers are kept informed of all things franchise finance related, so they will know which lender is suitable, what that lender requires and the best terms to expect.
4. The Market is an important and growing source of business for Advising Financiers, but they are independent of us as well. The Market performs a quality management function of determining who is a fit and proper Advising Financier. If you think an Adviser is not providing professional services in an unbiased and impartial manner you only need advise us and we will review their membership of the Market.
No. It is just as relevant whether they are going to their current bank, a new lender, refinancing existing debt, any time they are dealing with their finance they should be using the professionalism of an Advising Financier.
When you consider those Advisers are trained, have years of finance experience, deal in this market every day and are paid by the lenders you have to wonder "why not use them every time". Besides unlike when dealing with a bank when you use an Adviser the anonymous data is being collected for use in your business and for the entire franchise sector.
There are many benefits from becoming a registered franchise system:
1. Save your business the time and money involved in providing support to your franchisees seeking finance;
2. Nevey have to tell your franchisees that they are alone in seeking the best finance solution;
3. Save your franchisees time and money chasing finance, improve their success rates and get them focused back on making money for themselves, and ultimately you;
4. Access the management tools the Market will provide; and
5. Participate in improving finance to the sector.
Now that you are a registered franchisor all of your current and candidate franchisees have full, unlimited and free access to the Market. The process to get our Advising Financiers working for you and your franchisees is the following:
1. Register franchisees - this can be done in any of the following ways:
a. They self-register; or
b. From your User Panel by going to the "Register Franchisee" tab:
i. We can register them if you download the simple excel spreadsheet, fill in the basic details and email it back to us; or
ii. You can register a single franchisee or hundreds at the same time.
2. Our system will send your newly registered franchisees their account details.
3. As soon as your franchisee goes to their User Panel they can select the "Opportunity Listing" tab and put up the finance details they seek.
Over 100 registered Advising Financiers will be notified of the listing and will swing into action. This demo of the Listing Process will explain everything else.
All genuine franchisors your current franchisees and candidate franchisees may use the Market.
The simplest explanation is that the Market is a single point through which the franchise sector can find the right expertise to get them the best finance solutions. However, doing so provides an opportunity to develop enhanced solutions for new lenders to enter the market, increasing competition and improving the sectors access to and terms of finance.
Yes, but they will incur fees that they otherwise wouldn't. Your registration and use of the Market is free and then becomes free to all your franchisees.
Yes. When they register it asks if they are a current or candidate franchisee. Having candidate franchisees use the Market will give you even more data you can use for enhanced business management decisions.
No. We will be working with our franchisor, finance broker and lender members to develop tools to simplify the finance process, at which time it may be beneficial to lodge your disclosure document on the Market, however, that will always be at your discretion.
Of course. Our registered franchise systems have discretion on how their brand and message is presented on the Market.
No. All parties on the Market are commercially astute users that conduct their own assessments and make their own decisions.
Franchisors pay nothing to register with, or use the Market.
Should the franchisee or it's franchisor cease to be registered with the Market any Listing of that franchisee or franchisor shall be ‘Closed’
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