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We believe there are 6 finance products needed to satisfy every franchise finance scenario.

As a Market seeking Optimal solutions our role is not to be the lender, but to find and maintain the optimal finance solutions.

That is why we are striving to develop and deliver all 6 finance products to cover ever franchise finance scenario. Such a goal would be impossible for all but the biggest banks. But we are not the lender and we will happily utilise any suitable lender that will provide finance under the optimal financing structure. These are ‘joint-label’ products because while they will carry the Franchise Finance Market label we are not and will not be the lender.

This is in keeping with our Fourth Principle of Operation: Work to replace any joint-label product partner that stops lending; as quickly and seamlessly as possible and with minimum disruption to clients.

This fourth principle is not our bagging the lenders. They have legitimate needs to vary and reweight their portfolios from time to time. If you are dealing directly with them this leaves your franchise ‘out in the cold’ and often without any notification.

A versatile, open franchise finance structure invites existing and new lenders to the franchise lending space. We give them the tools, structure and relationships to make it faster and easier to enter and even leave the space. Bonus: if they have to suddenly leave the space for some internal credit reason they don’t burn any franchise relationships.

Being able to move lenders in and out of the five optimised franchise finance structures is a great outcome for franchises, lenders and franchisees.

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