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The team at RFG are embattled, but they are battling on.  I am not going to make statements as to the validity of actions against RFG but it is hard to deny that they have some excellent brands with many hard working and dedicated franchisees as well as some fabulous staff who genuinely care about their franchisees and brands.

It would be another serious body blow to the franchise sector to lose those and to lose RFG.

It seems they have finally been granted a bit of breathing space from the almost constant barrage of bad news in 2018 as it is reported a class action proposed to be brought against the group by Bannister Law has fallen over due to lack of funding.

Legal action of any nature is too complicated a matter for me to second guess it prior to formal decision, however, a lack of funding is a fairly strong indicator that the matter would not get up in court because legal funding businesses are in the business of making great returns from such legal claims.  As such if they thought the matter had a good likelihood of winning or being settled by RFG they would back it financially.

Of course I feel for any franchisee with a legitimate claim rather than just trying to air SME grievances.  Just the same, I think it would be great to see a renewed and reinvigorated stable of quality brands, such as within RFG, keep pushing ahead in their successes in conjunction with the success of their franchisees.

Darren Lelliott

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