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Frequently Asked Questions

No. While a logo or profile image is not mandatory it is highly recommended as it may impact your profile and its acceptance by the other parties you seek to work with. If you don't like a current image simply upload a new one.
If it is a financial product that is of genuine benefit to the franchise sector we are very willing to discuss advertising arrangements. However, the Market does not supply any contact details to third parties for advertising and marketing purposes.
Yes. The Market does not provide finance or any advice in our own right. It's ownership and management is independent of lenders, finance brokers, franchisors and franchisees.
Only enough Listing detail is shown on the Noticeboard, and profile pages, so as to:
1. Promote the Listing while;
2. avoiding the lister being contacted by multiple Lender/Brokers;
3. avoiding sharing their confidential and commercially sensitive information unnecessarily.
Only registered franchisors, franchisees, lender and brokers can access the Noticeboard.
There shall be four status conditions; Open, Reviewing, Pending, Closed.
  • Open – once listed and not ‘Pending’, ‘Reviewing’ or ‘Closed’ the status is ‘Open’.
  • Reviewing– If a Lender/Broker has made an Expression of Interest (EOI), but not yet Accepted the Listing, the status should change to Reviewing.
  • Pending – once a Lender/Broker Accepts an Listing the status becomes ‘Pending’.
  • Closed – an Listing becomes closed upon certain triggers (either automatically or manually) as below.
Close Triggers – an Listing status becomes ‘Closed’ upon either:
  • Lender/Broker confirming the Listing has become Filled or Unfilled; or
  • The Listing lister (franchisor or franchisee) confirms it is either Filled or Unfilled; or
  • After 30 days of being listed, so long as it is ‘Open’ status on or after that 30th day; or
  • After being allocated and then Rejected or lapses three times; or
  • When changed to that status by the Administrator.
Once an Listing becomes Closed it automatically:
1. Is removed from the Listing sections of the Noticeboard;
2. Has its basic details added to the ‘Previous Opportunities’ section of the Noticeboard;
3. Is removed from the Franchisee and Franchisor profiles;
4. Moves to the Previous Listings on the lister’s panel.
Each Listing can only become either Filled or Unfilled and on doing so are Completed. Upon being completed its status changes to ‘Closed’ (see process above).
1. Filled – a Listing is Filled once it has successfully received its finance. Notification of this status can be completed by either the lister or the broker that Accepted the allocation, via their panel. Once a Listing becomes Filled the broker is notified of their liability to pay the success fee;
2. Unfilled - a Listing is Unfilled if it is unsuccessful in gaining its Finance. Notification of this status can be completed by either the lister or the broker that Accepted the allocation, via their panel.
Once a listing is made the Market is obliged to perform the following:
1. Notify Brokers for whom the listing falls within their stated areas of interest/expertise of the preliminary details of the listing;
2. Fulfil the process of allocating that listing to a broker in accordance with the rules; and
3. Maintain the status of that listing in accordance with the rules; and
4. Any listing that has legitimately achieved the status of ‘Closed’ is deemed to have had its listing
obligations fulfilled, therefore the FFM has no further obligations with regard to said listing.
A Listing shall be listed for one of the following durations:
1. Until withdrawn by the Lister; or
2. Until withdrawn by the Market for breach of the Terms and Conditions of listing; or
3. Until a broker that has Accepted the allocation, or the lister, notifies the Listing as being Filled or Unfilled; or
4. Until the Listing has been allocated to three separate Brokers who have either Rejected or allowed the Review time to lapse; or
5. Until 30 days after the listing is made.
Whichever is the shorter.

There are a few excellent reasons why:

1. Our Advising Financiers will be paid commissions by any lender their client uses. This means the lenders are paying for them to be part of the transaction, but the Advisers are independent of those lenders. Because they represent you or your franchisee, and they want your network’s repeat business, they are gong to give the best, unbiased and impartial advice professionally possible. How many bank employees are likely to be unbiased or impartial.

2. A bank employee is paid to assess your application whether you get financed or not, not to assist you to compile the application correctly. Your Advising Financier gets paid when you get the finance, it is in their self-interest to assist you to compile the best finance application and get the finance as quickly as possible.

3. Market registered Advising Financiers are kept informed of all things franchise finance related, so they will know which lender is suitable, what that lender requires and the best terms to expect.

4. The Market is an important and growing source of business for Advising Financiers, but they are independent of us as well. The Market performs a quality management function of determining who is a fit and proper Advising Financier. If you think an Adviser is not providing professional services in an unbiased and impartial manner you only need advise us and we will review their membership of the Market.

No. It is just as relevant whether they are going to their current bank, a new lender, refinancing existing debt, any time they are dealing with their finance they should be using the professionalism of an Advising Financier.

When you consider those Advisers are trained, have years of finance experience, deal in this market every day and are paid by the lenders you have to wonder “why not use them every time”. Besides unlike when dealing with a bank when you use an Adviser the anonymous data is being collected for use in your business and for the entire franchise sector.

There are many benefits from becoming a registered franchise system:
1. Save your business the time and money involved in providing support to your franchisees seeking finance;
2. Nevey have to tell your franchisees that they are alone in seeking the best finance solution;
3. Save your franchisees time and money chasing finance, improve their success rates and get them focused back on making money for themselves, and ultimately you;
4. Access the management tools the Market will provide; and
5. Participate in improving finance to the sector.
Now that you are a registered franchisor all of your current and candidate franchisees have full, unlimited and free access to the Market. The process to get our Advising Financiers working for you and your franchisees is the following:
1. Register franchisees – this can be done in any of the following ways:
a. They self-register; or
b. From your User Panel by going to the “Register Franchisee” tab:
i. We can register them if you download the simple excel spreadsheet, fill in the basic details and email it back to us; or
ii. You can register a single franchisee or hundreds at the same time.
2. Our system will send your newly registered franchisees their account details.
3. As soon as your franchisee goes to their User Panel they can select the “Opportunity Listing” tab and put up the finance details they seek.
Over 100 registered Advising Financiers will be notified of the listing and will swing into action. This demo of the Listing Process will explain everything else.
All genuine franchisors your current franchisees and candidate franchisees may use the Market.
The simplest explanation is that the Market is a single point through which the franchise sector can find the right expertise to get them the best finance solutions. However, doing so provides an opportunity to develop enhanced solutions for new lenders to enter the market, increasing competition and improving the sectors access to and terms of finance.
Yes, but they will incur fees that they otherwise wouldn’t. Your registration and use of the Market is free and then becomes free to all your franchisees.
Yes. When they register it asks if they are a current or candidate franchisee. Having candidate franchisees use the Market will give you even more data you can use for enhanced business management decisions.
No. We will be working with our franchisor, finance broker and lender members to develop tools to simplify the finance process, at which time it may be beneficial to lodge your disclosure document on the Market, however, that will always be at your discretion.
Of course. Our registered franchise systems have discretion on how their brand and message is presented on the Market.
No. All parties on the Market are commercially astute users that conduct their own assessments and make their own decisions.
Franchisors pay nothing to register with, or use the Market.
Should the franchisee or it’s franchisor cease to be registered with the Market any Listing of that franchisee or franchisor shall be ‘Closed’
Seeking finance in Australia historically consisted of turning to your major bank (who are estimated to provide in excess of 90% of franchise finance). Arguably it is this oligopoly, i.e. lack of competition, that finance terms are know to be terrible.
The alternative is to go and compare a range of lenders, but even then most people will only look between the same four banks. All of this takes up valuable time and keeps your most important resource from doing the business you need to be doing.
The Market has gather Australia’s biggest and best network of commercial and consumer accredited finance brokers. These brokers are all franchise lending experienced. They know:
1. Which lenders (not just the 4 majors) provide franchise finance;
2. What are the best current finance terms you can expect;
3. Who at that lender to talk to;
4. The best way to package your total finance need, which might be across a complex range of financial products; and
3. How to compile your application to get the finance.
All of this saves you time and money while maximising your success rate.
Furthermore, you will be participating in Australia’s only dedicated franchise financing market, whose third purpose is “To assist in improving franchise sector finance“. This objective can be achieved by centralising as much of the sector’s finance transactions as possible through a single market and data collection point.
As such, by working with the Market today you are doing more to improve your access to and terms of your finance in the future.
Yes. The Market is another way your new franchise is working to support you. When you register it will ask if you are a current or candidate franchisee, just indicate there.
Yes, indeed we encourage it and its free. Many franchisors even automatically register their franchisees on their behalf.
By being registered you will be participating in Australia’s only dedicated franchise financing market, whose third purpose is “To assist in improving franchise sector finance“. This objective can be achieved by centralising as much of the sector’s numbers and finance transactions as possible through a single market and data collection point.
As such, by registering with the Market today you are doing more to improve your access to and terms of your finance in the future.
Yes. While you have to be, or intend to be, part of the franchise sector to register with the Market you are not limited in which finance opportunities you can list.
Yes, however doing so will incur membership fees and listing fees that franchisees of registered franchise systems don’t incur.
We are always interested in adding new high-quality franchise systems and it costs them nothing to register or use the Market. Tell us the franchisor you are interested in, at the same time let them know, and we will discuss with them about becoming a registered Franchise System.
You an seek finance for as little as $10,000. There is no maximum.
The Franchise Finance Market does not provide finance. The terms of any finance will be determined by the lenders your finance broker approaches on your behalf.
Each lister may withdraw their listing, via their panel, so long as this is done while the listing is in the ‘Open’ status.
A listing that is withdrawn shall be handled in the same manner as a change to the ‘Closed’ status.

If I had the space I would put “Professional Finance Advice and Placement Agents”, which of course is simply descriptive of what a professional finance broker does.
However, for our franchise sector SME clients we want to emphasise that our members hold and are striving for a level of professionalism above others, particularaly regarding franchise financing.

Furthermore, when we used the term “finance broker” or “mortgage broker” franchisors immediately assumed the Market’s proposition is only for new or refinancing franchisees that cannot get the finance from their bank. But the Market’s proposition is that every single one of their franchisees, and themselves, will benefit from having a professional involved in both a technical and administrative advisory capacity as well as a placement agent capacity for every finance related transaction, whether using their bank, the franchisors preferred lender (category A & B franchises in particular) or a new lender.

Thus the need to differentiate the role.

Go into your user panel, “My Dashboard”, then either click on “My Current Referrals” beneath the blue diagram of two people exchanging details, that will take you down to the display of your “Current Referrals”. Alternatively just scroll down and find it beneath the profile panel. In the “Current Referrals” panel you will find every listing you have put an EOI on.
The referral you have been allocated has two buttons on the right, “Complete” to finalise the referral; or “Full Listing Details” where you can get the lister’s full details, make contact and get started on the work.
Advisers have complete control which listings they wish to make an Expression-Of-Interest for. If a deal doesn’t look interesting to you just leave it for someone else. If it is absolute garbage (we don’t check) then everyone should leave it and it will become a black mark against the lister’s name and be scrubbed after 30 days.
The Market is a simple referral-only platform. At conclusion of the finance (we assume once the adviser receives their commissions) the adviser self-discloses if finance was received and the details of such (this data is extremely important and the franchise sector).
Our system immediately calculates the Success Fee (if finance was received by the lister) which the adviser pays. There are no clawback provisions.
That is easy to do, just go into your user panel, “My Dashboard”. In the “Interest Areas” select the Edit button. This will take you to the “Interest Area Details” page in which you can select a single, multiple or all states. Might be a good chance to review your other filter settings as well.
Log into your user panel and go to the “Notice Boards” tab on the upper left, where you can review either your customised board “My Notice Board” (based on your filter settings) or the “Full Notice Board”. If your filters are set it makes it easier for you to find what is of interest in the “My Notice Board”.
Tax invoices are generated immediately and emailed to the payer by email.
The Market has no rights to trails, however, we are always happy to receive them if you like.
The Market has no rights to such assets, however, as per trails we are always happy to share.
The Market does not have a lender panel, such aspects remain with the adviser and your licensing and operational relationships. We are currently a referral source only.
It is possible that some marketing advantage will be possible in the near future. As always we are very open to your ideas and suggestions so don’t hesitate to email with suggestions or questions.
Yes. We believe it is only fair and equitable for adviser members if numbers are capped, depending on the number of franchise systems and franchisees registered with the Market and the volume of listings.
We will review these numbers periodically.
Lenders don’t have direct access to the Market and it is not intended that they will have access in such a manner as to conflict with advisers. We see the most beneficial franchise sector relationship including experienced franchise lending advisers and have no desire or intention to do anything other than strengthen that relationship, which we do not see as detrimental to the lenders in any case.
An EOI is made by Lender/advisers selecting to do so on that listing in the Noticeboard, the lister’s or Franchisor’s profile or within the adviser’s panel.
advisers making an EOI changes the status on the listing on the Noticeboard to ‘Reviewing’.
On registration advisers state those areas for which they are interested to provide finance.
When a Listing is made an email is sent to advisers for whom the interest areas are matched, such notice having a link to the Listing so that they may make an EOI.
Each adviser may change their interest areas (filters) from their panel.
We don’t. The Market does not allocate referrals or choose which of our registered advisers will be presented to a lister for consideration. All* registered advisers are equally entitled to be presented to a lister for consideration.
The best way to gain lister attention is to quickly assess and make EOIs as they become available and to ensure the profile presented to Listers maximises the likelihood of selection.
* Except where a adviser is the Introducer of a franchise.
So as to give advisers adequate chance to access Listings allocations are made on the following basis:
1. Registered advisers make an EOI by selecting the EOI button for that Listing on its Listing;
2. They go onto a waiting list;
3. The first adviser on the waiting list entitled to receive the referral/allocation shall be given two days to Review the details and either Accept or Reject the allocation;
4. If the adviser;
a. Accepts the allocation by selecting Accept on their adviser panel the listing shall be changed on the Noticeboard, Franchisor and Franchisee (if applicable) profiles to ‘Pending’. The adviser is sent a link to the full Listing Listing details page (which shall include an email link to the lister);
b. Rejects the allocation by selecting Reject on their adviser panel the listing shall be changed on the Noticeboard, Franchisor and Franchisee (if applicable) profiles back to ‘Open’;
c. Takes no action within 48 hours of the allocation that allocation shall lapse, therefore, be removed from that advisers panel and be changed on the Noticeboard, Franchisor and Franchisee (if applicable) profiles back to ‘Open’.
5. If the Listing goes back to Open the next adviser on the waiting list shall be notified that it is again Open and they have 24 hrs to Accept or Reject the allocation;
6. The same process may occur a third time;
7. If the allocation is Rejected or lapses the third time it changes to ‘Closed’ status.
So as to evenly distribute the allocation of Opportunities among advisers, each is given a monthly priority access allocation of Opportunities.
Priority access is relevant for the formation of an EOI waiting list during the first hour of an Listing’s listing. It means if they make an EOI in the first hour of an Listing’s listing all priority access EOIs are listed on time priority ahead of non-priority access EOIs (who will have already used their priority access allocations for the month).
• First Hour of Listing – the first adviser with priority access rights shall be granted the allocation. All advisers with Priority access rights that made an EOI in the first hour are moved ahead of non-priority access EOIs made during that hour;
• After First Hour of Listing – The ‘waiting list’ solidifies at that point and then all subsequent EOIs are added on a simple first come basis.
A priority access entitlement is used for each Listing allocation given to that adviser during that month, regardless of whether they were the first or subsequent allocation for an Listing.
If an Listing changes from ‘Reviewing’ or ‘Pending’ back to ‘Open’ the original waiting list shall be used to notify the next EOI, etc.
Additional EOIs can be made whenever an Listing is in the ‘Open’ status.
Priority access entitlements renew on the first day of each month.
Unused priority access entitlements do not carry forward or accrue.
There is no limit to making a referral of a portion of the work to someone more competent in that area, however, if it is the sharing of entire referrals that is grounds under the Terms & Conditions of adviser membership to have that membership cancelled.
Making a referral does not remove the obligation to declare the full details of all finance provided to the Lister, including that facilitated by a referred party, or pay the applicable Success Fee/s.
Is that adviser who is instrumental, in accordance with the adviser Introduction of Franchisor Rules, with having secured the registration of a franchise with the Market.
The ‘Introducer’ shall be entitled to have their name listed above the normal EOI waiting list for every listing of that franchisor and it’s franchisees.
The Franchise Finance Market is designed to overcome the three limitations stopping more lenders funding this attractive business sector:
1. Broadly spread market (geographically, industry);
2. Having the sector expertise;
3. Gaining access to the right businesses; and
4. Having the distribution network to place and service finance to the sector.
By centralising as much of the franchise finance market as practicable through a single market increases the effectiveness of developing financial products for and promoting to the sector, therefore also substantially lowering costs.
The Market will be using the data it gathers from all it’s sector transactions to develop risk assessment and management tools lender clients will be able to utilise.
The Market will deliver some of Australia’s best know and performing franchise brands. Our role is work with and for franchise networks to enhance their finance solutions, becoming the single location for you to access Australia’s broadest collection of franchise networks.
As the market provider another important role we fill is in gathering and maintaining Australia’s largest and best network of commercial and consumer accredited finance brokers experienced in franchise lending. We will be working to assist our broker network to improve their franchise lending skills and streamline the process.
The Franchise Finance Market specialises in franchise lending only. We develop the missing elements you need to starting accessing this profitable business sector. By doing this across as many franchise networks, experienced finance brokers and willing lenders as possible we are able spread the costs.
We are very willing to register a lender’s interest in being involved with the Market, as lenders are an equally important element of the Market as any other party. However, at this moment we have not yet developed the necessary elements of the Market so as to readily supply a meaningful membership for lenders. But please don’t hesitate to indicate your business’ interest by emailing
We believe there is a vital role for the expertise and independence of commercial finance brokers in the optimal financing of the franchise sector. But, we also know that lenders need to be part of the mix and need to expose their solutions to both the lister and their advisers. We will be building tools for direct exposure of lender solutions but without conflicting with the broker’s role.
If it is a financial product that is of genuine benefit to the franchise sector we are very willing to discuss advertising arrangements. However, the Market does not supply any contact details to third parties for advertising and marketing purposes.
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