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Interest rates stayed put this week, but there are strong opinions and concerns that this is unlikely to remain the case according to the ABC news. While ABC’s report concerns itself primarily with mortgage rates the effects would almost certainly be felt through at SME finance levels because tighter banking regulations, along with political and

We have previously commented on the concerning trend of fintechs focused on SME lending and how many are not doing franchisees any favours.  Yes, they are making funds available in a tight and tightening finance market.  But at what cost? It does not benefit franchisees or their franchisor if too high a cost of finance

The June launch of digital home-loan platform Athena is set to disrupt Australia’s home loan market by offering loans that carry lower interest rates and that are backed by super funds, according to a media report. Athena will harness new technology to move beyond paper-based processes that currently constrain the big banks and legacy players.

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