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We Get and Manage Your Lender Accreditations

Does your franchise have lender accreditation, or is it one of the 90% that don’t?

Do you loose new franchisees because they can’t get fast finance?

If your franchise is lender accredited, do you know what benefits that provides?

How does that compare with other lenders? How does it compare with your competitors?

Can another lender do better?

Why is it your franchisees still don’t get finance even though you are accredited?

Don’t just get a lender accreditation report. Elcano gets your franchise accredited!

Elcano Finance is the only business making it our business to not only know the answers to your lender accreditation questions but to seek, secure and provide ongoing management of your lender accreditations.
Ask us. In fact, do more...
Get Accreditation Now!
The two biggest challenges for franchises are finding good franchisees and getting them financed.

Failure to finance means loss of franchisees.

Lender accreditation reduces franchisee loss, while adding to franchisor credibility.

Accreditation implies finance is inevitable.

Accreditation means streamlined finance applications and reduced franchisee contributions.

Making it the proverbial holy grail of franchise finance.

Getting lender accreditation for your franchise is hard, and getting harder

It seems the banks are dropping more accreditations than they are offering, but are they? How would you find out who is offering accreditation? Ask them all? How many lenders would you approach? Only the top four? Is there more? Are there offshore lenders worth considering? Is there a partial solution? Can you progress from a partial solution to full accreditation?

Elcano Finance makes it our business to know the answer to these questions. We don’t only focus on getting one franchisee financed, we focus on getting full lender accreditation and applying that solution to all of your franchisees.

Don’t just get an accreditation assessment get accredited!
There is a finance solution for most franchises, Elcano knows how to find it!
Elcano’s analysis shows that only 10% of the sector is accredited, but as many as 336 franchise
systems are accreditation grade and could potentially be accredited.
Does this include yours?

As the operator of the Franchise Finance Market, straddling both the franchise and finance sectors, Elcano Finance offers Accreditation Management services including

Initial assessment, lender evaluation and application preparation
Submit and manage that application
Find suitable lenders for a partial or full lender accreditation
Negotiate the terms of finance
Monitor the lender environment
Provide strategy recommendations
Conduct accreditation reviews
Manage annual lender review
Where necessary seek replacement lender accreditation
Provide fast and efficient finance brokerage services

Elcano finds optimal lender accreditation

Elcano monitors lenders and the market for changing attitudes and finance appetite

By knowing franchisor and lender requirements allows Elcano to speed up the finance process and improve positive finance outcomes

Elcano works with you for positive lender reviews

By securing franchise accreditations Elcano is “buying finance in bulk” and can secure unmatched price benefits

Elcano only does franchise finance

Elcano maintains Australia’s largest franchise finance database

Our cloud based platform, the Franchise Finance Market, makes franchisee finance support easy, while giving franchisors new management data and tools

Outsourcing your franchisee finance support function to Elcano is far less expensive than paying staff to do it

No Accreditation = No Accreditation Fee
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